CCW Permit Course


Relevant Training Designed for Armed Citizens

Lock Down Executives offers Concealed Weapons Training every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning from 8:00AM to 12:00PM.  We realize that nothing can be a substitute professional firearms training or improve your ability to protect yourself and your family and we therefore want to ensure that you get the most up to date and thorough readiness training.

Our training is taught from the vantage point that you will encounter as an Armed Citizen. Lock Down Executives recognize that Military and Law Enforcement receive training designed to accomplish different tasks than the tasks you need to accomplish in the private sector.  We facilitate training in our Concealed Weapons Course that speaks to the specific situations that private gun owners may face in various environments.

Important Things to Know in Regards to Concealed Carry

Lock Down Executives
Classes Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 8AM-12PM

The cost of the Lock Down Executives Concealed Weapons training class is $150 dollars.  The fee for the course includes all safety equipment, firearms, ammunition, and range fees. Please attend class in athletic wear or casual clothes.


CCW Permit Course
Price: $150.00