At any moment your personal safety can be affected – directly or indirectly. While a bodyguard may act as a deterrent in many potentially harmful situations, only proper planning, training, and dedication from a Security Professional can offer protection in the face of a determined threat or unforeseen calamity. That’s what makes the difference with Lock Down Executives.  We are not bodyguards, we are Security Professionals.

Highly Trained Professionals

Every Security Professional hired by Lock Down Executives must meet stringent requirements used by Law Enforcement agencies to ensure they are of the highest caliber. Our Security Professionals are fully vetted and certified before being considered for employment. Once onboard, our security professionals undergo rigorous training lead by LDE personal protection experts to confront challenges, mitigate risks, anticipate threats, de-escalate potentially harmful situations, and solve any problems that may arise discreetly and appropriately.

Customized Security Plans

We customize our security plans to specifically meet your personal Executive Security protection demands. We adapt and change as your need for Security Professionals changes due to situations or unforeseen necessity. Whatever your need, we will work with you to coordinate Security Professionals who are more than qualified to handle your protection.


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